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Frequently Asked Questions:


We offer Trans Shield Covers for the majority of our models. You can purchase one through your dealer at any time.

Click through to see a full chart on handling different types of stains.

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The paint finish on your boat provides beauty, depth of color, gloss retention and durability. To best way to preserve your boat’s finish is to keep it clean by washing it often with lukewarm or cold water. 

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To properly maintain your Line-X® make sure to be cautious when loading object with sharp points or edges, too much pressure may cause damage.  To clean the liner, use a mild detergent and warm water. DO NOT use products containing wax, silicone or bleach. Learn more:

No. The Amped Package must be ordered with the boat. It can not be sold after a boat is built and parts can not be purchased separately.

All of our boats have the option to be upgraded. It depends on which model chosen the number of upgrades available. Some of our higher end models already come with most features standard unlike our jon boats which are able to have more things added.

There are many different reasons, but the primary reason is durability. Aluminum boats are built to last longer, require less maintenance and are more forgiving when it comes to scrapes and bumps. Aluminum is also easier and cheaper to repair if there ever is any damage.

This means that we go above and beyond the standard Coast Guard ratings that are required. The National Marine Manufacturers Association creates stricter rules and regulations for boat manufacturers to create a safer more durable boat. Many companies are not a part of the NMMA and are using lower standards.

No. The recommended HP is calculated due to the boats dimensions, weight of the engine and weight capacity of the boat. Over powering a boat can lead to performance problems and even loss of insurance.

If pods are being added after the production of the boat, view our weld guide.

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