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25 Gallon Bow Livewell 25 Gallon Bow Livewell

Upgrade from standard livewell to a 25 gallon bow storage box on a 2072 and larger.

30 G Filtered Baitwell and Console 30 G Filtered Baitwell and Console

Available for 72" MV's, FX's and VFX. Includes center console.

36 G Bow Fuel Tank 36 G Bow Fuel Tank

Fits only 72" models only.

Cast & Blast Livewell Cast & Blast Livewell

An 11 gallon livewell that comes with tackle tray and drink holder.

Large MV Side Livewell Large MV Side Livewell

An 11 gallon insulated aerated livewell fits 52", 60" and 72" models. Fits between the console and front deck.

Rear Bench Seat with 40 G Divided Livewell Rear Bench Seat with 40 G Divided Livewell

This livewell turns the rear bench seat into a 40 gallon divided livewell. Only available on certain models.

Rebel Livewell Rebel Livewell

11 gallon livewell fits perfectly in the Rebel 15 and 1652 Crappie. Available to be added to additional models.

RXV Fuel Tank RXV Fuel Tank

Only available for RXV's and is a built-in features. Hold 15 gallons in rear.

VJon Livewell VJon Livewell

Add a 40 gallon livewell to the 2072 VJ.

X-Large MV Livewell X-Large MV Livewell

Add a 25 gallon insulated aerated livewell to your boat.

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