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Steering Options

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Anti-Feedback Steering Upgrade Anti-Feedback Steering Upgrade

Antifeedback steering is available as an upgrade for a variety of models and standard on specialty models.

Dual Steering Upgrade Dual Steering Upgrade

This system uses two steering cables, from the same helm, tensioned against each other, allowing for more control and less play in the steering.

Hydraulic Steering Upgrade Hydraulic Steering Upgrade

Upgrade most models to hydraulic steering, it comes as standard on specialty models.

Stainless Steel Steering Wheel Stainless Steel Steering Wheel

Upgrade any steering wheel to this 13" stainless steel wheel, knob included.

Standard Steering Wheel Standard Steering Wheel

This steering wheel is most often chosen for Jon models.

Tilt Helm Tilt Helm

Choose a tilting helm for anti feedback or hydraulic steering.

Upgraded Steering Wheel Upgraded Steering Wheel

Upgrade a standard Jon steering wheel to this. This steering wheel comes standard on all other models.

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